Pillow Fight Day KW 2016

We will battle below the clock tower in Victoria Park, across from the bus terminal just two blocks from city hall. Approximate address 79 Joseph St, Kitchener. Lots of parking and more room!


April 2, 2016
Victoria Park Clock Tower, downtown Kitchener
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On Saturday April 2nd there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world, including Kitchener!
Join friends and complete strangers for an hour-long bedding battle. This event is free and appropriate for all ages. BYOP – bring your own pillow. Meet under the clock tower in Victoria Park at 3p and remain calm. When you hear the signal, go nuts!
A few simple rules:
Wait for the signal to begin.
Only hit people with pillows.
Don’t swing too hard.
Remove your glasses if you can. A pillow to the face can send them flying.
Don’t hit people with cameras. They’re there to snap awesome shots of you in action!
When the battle is over you may take your pillow home or leave it with KDUB. If it’s relatively clean and not falling apart, we’ll donate it to an animal shelter to be used as bedding for puppies and kittens.
Invite your friends. 🙂 This is the 6th annual pillow fight hosted by KDUB, part of International Pillow Fight Day.

FACEBOOK EVENT: Pillow Fight Day KW 2016