Final Shake-n-Skate feat Souljah Sessions (jungle, dubstep) Feb 16

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‘Shake-n-Skate’ is a series of free, public skating parties. Bundle-up, grab your friends and head to the Waterloo Public Square rink for an evening of beats & blades!

This night features the bangin’ jungle, drum & bass & dubstep beats of the:


Sharpen your skates & get ready to groove!

Your DJs for the Night….

So happy to be apart of this event. for more info on
Souljah Sessions Radio. check us out at
or join us on

Phodee 6

Seduced by the rave scene in the mid 90’s, Phodee6 got his
hands on his first set of turntables late 1997.
From there he dove head first, spending all his money on
jungle and deep house music. A year later he found that
DJing is not a cheap hobby and had to make a decision.
Which genre should stay and which one should go? Hearing
DJ Hype in Toronto quickly drove the final nail in the
coffin for house and acted as a jolt of caffeine for the ever
addictive Jungle/drum’n’Bass.With an ever growing library
of jungle records, and a thirst for DJing, Phodee6 got to
show the world his love of this music when he got his chance
to start a Jungle Drum’n’Bass show on a new radio broadcast
station at Conestoga College in Kitchener. SoulJah Sessions
Radio was born in spring of 2002 with the help of fellow
junglist “Tongue Boxer”, and still runs on Canada’s largest
college broadcasting station CJIQ 88.3 fm, Saturday
afternoons 1-3 pm.Early 2005 DJ’s Bounty, Doobie and the
ever hard working DJ Brizene came abroad the SoulJah
Sessions train and transformed it into the best Jungle
Drum/Bass radio show in Southern Ontario and maybe even
the world. Probably in fact…. Yeah, we’ll go with the
best one in the world.


Born in Cambridge, and raised on the east coast,
Bounty returned to Ontario and got hooked on Jungle.
Influeneced by all types of music, he showcases
this in the variety of tracks he plays.
Musically influenced by everything from Gil Scott
Heron and Led Zeppelin to The Police and A Tribe Called Quest.
Joined SoulJah Sessions and hasn’t looked back.

Brinx (aka Furious Sounds aka Dj Mark Evans evans evans…)

has been performing in the drum n bass scene since 2001,
beginning as an MC for Firestorm Productions and developing
as a DJ with a punk band called the Detrimentals.
In 2007 he began hosting a weekly radio show on Sound FM
called Furious Fridays, showcasing local artists that rinse
out the hottest in Jungle and Dubsetp.

Brinx Is now the newest member of Souljah Sessions,
the longest running Bass Music radio show on college radio
and has spent the last year Djing locally while focusing
on producing Dubstep. Currently repping releases on
BassNdarker and Certified Bass.

Uncle Doobie

The past couple years have been big for Uncle Doobie.
With Dubstep as his main artilary he has been fireing on all
cylenders, smashing dancefloors wherever he goes.
With alrady having the oportunity to open for Zeds Dead, Mt.Eden,
B-Rich and Bare Noize, Uncle Doobie is no stranger to making
crowds move. With basslines as his main objective he is sure to make
the masses move.As a co-host on the longest running College and Unversity
jungle/dnb & Dubstep radio show. Uncle Doobie has been menacing
the air waves on 88.3fm CJIQ for over 7 years. Alongside
doing a live to air with dj’s Bounty, Phodee 6 and most recently added DJ Brinx.
Being apart of a weekly radio show bred Uncle Doobie
to be the DJ he is today. Everyones favorite uncle keeps people
guessing on what he will play next. From the deep dark dirty rythems
to the in your face smashers, Uncle Doobie keeps it comming with his
onslaught of big selections.Stay in touch with your favorite Uncle, Doobie.